PFMG Solar Difference is More Than Just Business

At PFMG Solar, we see each project as a chance to become partners with the community. It’s important to us to work hand in hand with community members, forming personal connections and lasting relationships. These partnerships with our clients make us unique. They are the key to understanding and evaluating our clients’ needs, addressing their issues and concerns and leading them through the entire project to ensure that all the lives of those involved enjoy the benefits for many generations.


  • We offer financing packages for our solar energy and storage systems that require no capital costs.
  • Our team of financial experts secures public/private partnership funding, while leveraging all available federal and state clean energy subsidies available.
  • Our investors are able to provide favorable finance terms because buying clean, reliable, renewable energy is considered a good investment.

Site Evaluation

  • We perform a comprehensive multi-point evaluation to determine the best course of action for each community.
  • Before construction starts we research energy usage analysis, cost estimates, site analysis, environmental impact reports, risk mitigation, transmission to grid studies and property easement.
  • Our in-depth investigation lets us accurately project expenses and minimize risk and uncertainty.

Over the next

25 years, our solar

and storage solutions
are expected to save

the equivalent of

112 million

gallons of gasoline

Project Management

  • Our team is dedicated to providing excellent project management, from design through installation and post-implementation support.
  • Our system designers, engineers and installers all work together, constantly thinking about the community’s needs, especially ensuring the safety of students, faculty and other community members before, during and after construction.

Operational Management

  • Each project is backed by our state of the art energy monitoring services, with complete 24/7 tech and onsite support.
  • We monitor the systems on 15 minute increments to ensure they are performing and operational at all times.
  • A service and maintenance team is deployed to repair any deficiencies and to perform preventative maintenance, all to ensure the system is producing the most power possible.

We have saved over

$3.5 million for

schools with

no up front cost

to them and the


PFMG Solar develops highly productive, extremely cost effective solar power systems that are good for the environment. We are part of the community, involved and concerned, especially for the young students, who are learning and desire hope for their future and many generations to follow. We have evolved from merely a firm who delivers an excellent service, to a Partner who wants to contribute to the greater good For Many Generations.

Contact us:

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Huntington Beach, CA 92647