We Make it Easy

After building over a two hundred solar installations our team understands that each project is as unique as your community. That’s why we’re the leading solar and storage provider for Southern California school districts.

We Listen

We know every project is unique and different. So we collaborate with the community, listen to all of their concerns and then work to address every issue and parameter. This lets us create a custom solar and storage system, designed specifically to best serve each community’s needs. From start to finish, and beyond, PFMG Solar becomes partners with the communities we serve.

We Develop

Every system we develop is designed for the best implementation possible. Together with our client, we find ways to improve their community and minimize energy costs so that all the lives of those involved enjoy the benefits for many generations. Each project is customized for the community’s site and needs, while meeting our high engineering standards.

We Construct

To us, it’s essential that the construction phase creates the least amount of disruption to the community as possible. We take every precaution to ensure the highest level of safety. And we use our extensive building and design expertise to make the entire process efficient, professional and financially responsible.

Community Saves

PFMG Solar’s goal is to work with communities as partners to create highly productive solar energy and storage solutions. We strive to provide opportunities for our client’s communities to save on their energy costs and improve the environment, as well as support the needs of the communities we touch.


We aim to become a partner with the community and in doing so, help create a brighter future for many generations.

PFMG Solar develops highly productive, extremely cost effective solar power systems that are good for the environment. We are part of the community, involved and concerned, especially for the young students, who are learning and desire hope for their future and many generations to follow. We have evolved from merely a firm who delivers an excellent service, to a Partner who wants to contribute to the greater good For Many Generations.

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7777 Center Ave. Suite 200

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