Enriching the Lives of Children

We believe the most valuable resource of any community is its children. At PFMG Solar, we design our Solar and Storage Energy Systems with the goal of enriching the lives of children by providing communities and their schools with a source of clean, inexpensive power in order to free up monies to improve the experience for every child.

Clean, Responsible and Inspiring

One of the great things about solar energy is the almost total lack of pollution caused by its creation – it doesn’t create any waste, smoke, smell or even noise. It doesn’t weaken the planet’s ozone layer, nor does it foul or divert the world’s waters. Solar energy creates a better, cleaner environment for each generation of children to grow up in. And because the sun rises every day, there’s very little chance of it running out.


Solar energy has another important benefit: the inspiration of a community’s children. It thrills us to think about how a child going to a school powered by one of our systems could grow up to produce the next great breakthrough – all because he or she looked at those solar panels and asked, “How do they work?”

Getting Involved in the Community

We believe it’s vital to be a part of the community and make sure we’re aware of their concerns, needs and priorities. Then we design a system that works for everyone, while ensuring cost savings, health benefits and safety. We constantly talk to the members to ensure the system is satisfying their current and future needs. But we don’t stop there – PFMG Solar provides additional value through scholarships, mentoring and internship programs, curriculum, and anything else our clients require to elevate their academic environments and give students hope for the future.

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