Harnessing the Energy to Power Our Communities

PFMG Solar delivers cost effective, renewable solar energy and storage systems to schools and communities throughout California. Our expertise in the solar industry is unparalleled and makes us a leader in solar solutions.


We collaborate and strategize with schools and communities to understand the sensitivity required to design a system that works for all of you, while ensuring cost savings, health benefits and safety. In order for our highly productive solar systems to create continued benefits for many generations to come, PFMG Solar is committed to every phase of the development process – from planning through building – and beyond.


PFMG Solar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation NewEnergy, Inc., a leading competitive energy company providing energy solutions for homes and businesses across the continental United States.  Constellation has directly funded over $1.2B of Power Purchase Agreements across the U.S. since 2010. Our vertically-integrated approach to financing offers more flexibility in construction timing, reduces transaction complexity and provides a streamlined, predictable path from initial engagement to financial close.

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