Harnessing the Energy to Power Our Communities

PFMG Solar delivers cost effective, renewable solar energy and storage systems to schools and communities throughout Southern California. Our expertise in the solar industry is unparalleled and makes us a leader in solar solutions. However, our foundation is actually rooted in being partners for many generations, and we go beyond a simple business relationship. To PFMG Solar, this means contributing to the greater good of the communities by significantly reducing energy costs and improving the environment, as well as supporting the needs of the communities we touch.


We collaborate and strategize with schools and communities to understand the sensitivity required to design a system that works for all of you, while ensuring cost savings, health benefits and safety. In order for our highly productive solar systems to create continued benefits for many generations to come, PFMG Solar is committed to every phase of the development process – from planning through building – and beyond. We’re community partners for as long as our panels are soaking up the sun.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

PFMG Solar develops highly productive, extremely cost effective solar power systems that are good for the environment. We are part of the community, involved and concerned, especially for the young students, who are learning and desire hope for their future and many generations to follow. We have evolved from merely a firm who delivers an excellent service, to a Partner who wants to contribute to the greater good For Many Generations.

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7777 Center Ave. Suite 200

Huntington Beach, CA 92647